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All Features

Empowering you to optimize your everyday work needs, Project Drive is an intuitive, web-based solution for your project management needs.

Collaboration and communication being the key factors in driving any project to success, Project Drive, allows all participants to share ideas, documents and most importantly enter, distribute and track all tasks required to reach a common objective; from any browser, anywhere in the world and at any time of the day.

Project Drive offers better control and efficiency, ensuring the successful completion of your projects on time and within budget, but most importantly, respecting your company's work processes, thus eliminating the learning curve and associated costs of a work team using a new software.

For more information concerning Project Drive features, select one of the topics below:

All our Features - Project Drive


With Project Drive's fully customizable Dashboard, project tracking no longer needs to be a project unto itself. An easy to use and easy to interpret interface, allows the project management team to get information about the overall health of a project and to set tracking criteria and triggers customized to the organization's and project's needs and objectives.

Quick insight into key indicators such as performance to budget, performance to schedule, delivery of business results, resource allocation and risks.

Multiple Dashboard widgets available

Interface can also present information that is:

  • List based, view list of important items
  • Calendar Based, view task in your calendar
  • Graphics based
    • Bar Charts
    • Pie Charts
    • Gantt Charts
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Gantt Charts

View your projects as Gantt charts.

  • View overall project Gantt charts
  • View project Gantt charts per user and group of users
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Timesheet Module

Project Drive has a flexible integrated Timesheet module.

  • Set cost and billing rate for your employees
  • Set different types of rates
    • Normal Time
    • Overtime
    • Special Time
    • or any type of time your company needs
  • Manage time at the project and even task level

Project Drive's timesheet module lets you know in real time the financial status of your projects

In real time know:

  • Total projects costs & billing
  • Costs & billing per day, week, months, years
  • Costs & billing per employee and projects
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User-friendly Interface

Project Drive is a project management specific solution that was developed to make available to all types of users the benefits of project management tools and best practices. Intuitive, simple and fast to implement, and fully customizable to your business processes, users will understand and therefore use all functionalities offered to them.

Project Drive also allows you to tailor the interface to your company's look and feel, from colors to logos to the domain name on which it is hosted (yourcompanyname.project-drive.net)

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Project Management Templates

Project Drive lets you create and mimic your existing work methods through the use of project management templates. You create the field types and names, per project, allowing users to recognize and understand information and tasks and not have to adapt to or interpret the software. Project Drive also offers standard templates from which you can build.

  • Create custom templates per project
  • Adapt project templates according to type of project or work team
  • Start a template from scratch or build from the built-in template library
  • Add or modify field types and names with a simple click of a mouse
  • Select which fields are mandatory
  • Select screen layout
  • Unlimited number of fields can be created
  • Various field types supported including:
    • single line text
    • multi line text
    • number
    • drop-down (single or multi-select)
    • user list drop-down (single or multi-select)
    • date
    • time
    • date range
    • File upload
    • Identifier
    • HTML
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Workflows and Links

Through the use of Project Drive's fully customizable templates, create workflows and links within projects and amongst projects, allowing you to truly optimize all projects within an organization.

  • Create workflows and links
  • Set priorities, critical tasks and predecessor tasks within projects and amongst projects
  • Create tasks and related sub-tasks
  • Set start dates, end dates and durations
  • Create recurring tasks
  • Assign users or group of users
  • Create links between tasks, dates, users, documents or other fields that you select.
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Resource Allocation

Resource allocation and management is easily done through Project Drive. With its functionality, you can:

  • Assign users to tasks
  • Set scheduling and workflows
  • View scheduling for one and all of our your projects
  • View user allocations per project and all projects
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Document Sharing and Management

Project Drive allows users and managers to update all types of documents within a project and notify users of this information through the automated communication tool.

  • Upload any type of document
  • Fully document all steps and maintain one central point of management for all project outputs.
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Automated Communication Tools

With automated email notifications and user prompted emails, Project Drive allows you to:

  • Select which fields trigger notifications and to which user
  • Set notifications to be sent to one or multiple users
  • Notify users when a task is assigned to them
  • Allow users to comment and communicate through the email function in the interface
  • Notify users of important new information requiring their review and easily convert issues into tasks
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Scheduling and Calendars

The scheduling and calendars function allows users to effectively view and manage their time.

  • Schedule duration for project and for each task
  • Assign duration based on specific users and user groups, such as number of hours worked per day and number of days worked per week.
  • See a calendar view of tasks per project.
  • Users can customize their calendar view to see due, coming and overdue tasks.
  • User management features also allow project managers to consult overall calendar views for one or multiple projects and manage resource allocations.
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Recurring Tasks

For each project, recurring tasks can be created. These tasks can be set over any time interval and with pre-set values, for any user or group of users.

  • Create pre-defined tasks for selected dates
  • Create tasks which must occur:
    • Every day
    • Every week day
    • Every day of every n week
    • Every day of every n month
    • Every first day of every n month
    • Every last day of every n month
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Project Drive has a reporting engine that offers outstanding flexibility to its users, allowing them to create queries and create and save frequently used reports.

  • Ad-hoc reporting, search on any & all fields
  • Build your own reports
  • Format your reports
  • Add titles, images and any formatting required
  • Get your report in HTML, XML or text format
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Cost Analysis and Budgeting

Project Drive's fully customizable templates allow project managers and users to identify and enter all budgeted and actual costs.

  • Create as many numerical value fields as required for each project and for each task
  • Reporting features to compare planned vs. actual costs.
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Using Project Drive's reporting engine you can export your data in any format needed

  • XML
  • Text
  • CVS
  • or your own custom format
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User Management

With any project, security is always important. With Project Drive administrators and project managers decide which projects users can see and which actions can be performed for those projects.

Project Drive Offers:

  • Complete per project security scheme
  • User profile and user groups management
  • Customization of multiple user roles
  • Set other user specific identifiers such as number of hours worked per day and number of days worked per week.
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User Customization

Project Drive offers customized use of functionality and tailored data views according to user.

  • Create advanced custom searches
  • Create or run custom reports and queries
  • View multiple searches in the same window
  • Select fields to display
  • Select sort orders
  • Select the number of tasks per page list
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Implementation Options

Project Drive offers a Standard, Enterprise and Server edition, to allow you to select the right solution for your projects, based on number of projects and users. For more information concerning the Project Drive options and for pricing, click here.

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Reliable Web-based Platform

Project Drive is a fully web-based, requiring no additional software or downloads.

  • Web Based Application with no software to download or install
  • Supported by most widely used browsers
  • Based on Web 2.0 platform
  • Secure redundant architecture
  • Fully managed, hosted solution with your own domain (yourcompanyname.project-drive.net)
  • Secure data center and redundant server technology with 99.99% uptime.
  • Real-time and nightly back-ups
  • SSL availability
  • For more information concerning our data centers and hosting services, click here.
  • Enterprise Edition of Project Drive can be installed on your own servers.
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With built-in, in-context support files and its intuitive interface, you will not need to contact this department very often! However, Project Drive's courteous support staff is there to help you at every step of the process.

  • Unlimited email support
  • Phone support available upon request
  • All documentation provided free of charge
  • Getting started guide provided
  • In-context help tool
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"I can't believe how customizable Project Drive is. It was so simple to have it completely tailored to my
multiple projects that I feel as if it was made precisely for my
business Thanks!"

Brent Symington
B.sc, Oracle DBA Master

Our Philosophy

Project Drive was created because of a need we saw in our own experiences for better project management solutions.

We are a customer-driven organization that strives to provide the best possible products and services.

Our project management software will enable you to stay focused and organized in order to complete your tasks on time and within budget.





Project Drive has been awarded and recognized by WebHostingSearch.com as one of the Best Web Tools for Project Management Software category.

Project Drive - Best project management software

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