Project Drive Newsletter & Special Offer

When managing a project you want to be as efficient as possible. Time is money; that fact is undeniable. Any misstep or miscommunication can be disastrous and the results could be devastating, costing you money. It doesn't have to be like that. Managing a project or numerous projects can be an arduous task. Projects should be delicate and done well.

Project Drive has made project management easier. Whether it's one project or several projects, big or small, they have made it efficient for project leaders to multitask and tackle any and every situation. Don't be left out in the dark on any task.

Keep track of your employees and know what's going on at every stage of your production. See the project through from beginning to end in the smoothest possible way.

On top of the amazing time saving software that Project Drive has produced, you can enjoy some of the new features that we have to offer for your project management solution.

  • Project Level-Our new portfolio widget is added to our suit of widgets. This widget allows project managers to view in real time the status of projects so they can visualize the problems and react to them accordingly
  • Timesheet Widget-With this innovative widget, project managers can track in real time the hours worked on any projects for all the users of that project. This is a great tool for staying on your deadline and on budget
  • Starting Tab in Profile-Users can select which tab the application will open or it can be the last tab that is used
  • Account User Number-Project managers can de-activate users
  • Report Generating-This allows users to easily hide sections of the report for the easy creation of condensed reports for daily reporting. Various sections can be hidden
  • Tree Field Dropdowns-Administrators can add dropdowns that are related one to the other. This is done on a number of levels
  • Multilevel Search Groups-Searching and viewing is easier than ever. Project managers or users can organize and categorize their search, making it faster and easier to access

Special Offer

As an extra incentive, those who sign up before the end of November will receive 10 free hours of consultation from Project Drive. Take advantage of the great software that Project Drive has created and watch your projects finish effectively.

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