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Setting Up a Project Management tool

Setting up Project Management

Setting up Project Management is one of the most crucial stages of a project. The success or failure of the project will depend on project management. Therefore, we must pay careful attention to this phase of setting up project management and it should be handled by an experienced project manager.

For setting up project management successfully for a project, we should have all the information needed before we start. We should have clearly specified goals of the project. Setting up of project management is not possible without having clear project specifications at hand. Many a times project management fails because of lack of clarity in this first phase of setting up project management. The team fails to get clear specifications document or the project commences with vague specifications or requirements. If you want your project to see successful completion without any time delays, you must draw up a clear specifications document. In most cases, the specifications documents are provided by the client and if the client is not sure of the specifications or requirements, the service provider in discussion with the client can draw up the specifications document and get the approval from the client. In either case, the starting point is the project specifications document.

Some professionals would argue that drawing up of project specifications is part of setting up project management. Whereas good number of professionals consider drawing up of specifications document as one-step ahead of setting up project management.

Secondly, as part of setting up project management, we should have all the stakeholders in the project clearly listed and each one's role well defined. The scope of each stakeholder should be clearly stated so that there are no confusions at a later stage. It is not enough to define the role and scope of each stakeholder, but they should also be made aware of their roles.

Thirdly, when you are setting up project management you should also have substitute plans to handle possible risks that may delay the project deployment. It is best to convene a project management meeting with all the stakeholders so that everyone is clear of the goals and targets of a particular project at hand. The entire process should be documented and while setting up project management you should have the format for documentation ready. As the project progresses, the stakeholders only need to complete the documentation by filling in the necessary details in the preset format.

While setting up project management itself you should have substitute stakeholders in place if one or more of them are to be replaced or relieved so that you are prepared for all possible unforeseen events during the deployment stage. At times, both setting up of project management and deployment of the project is handled by the same person. If both aspects are to be handed by the same person then the launching of the project will be a smooth one. In case if these two phases are handled by different individuals, then high level of coordination between these two stakeholders is crucial.

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Brent Symington
B.sc, Oracle DBA Master

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